CTC North Yorkshire can't make any prediction, just like our Government, as to when restrictions will be lifted.
The Events will remain on the website but please do not attempt to enter them or contact the Organisers, as they know no more than anyone else.
Below are the salient points.

Cycling UK's view: In light of the latest Government advice on COVID-19, and guidance on social distancing designed to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

The cover provided under the Organiser's Liability insurance could potentially be invalid if a club or affiliated group decides to go against the advice issued by Cycling UK and arranges a group ride.
What number of people are classed as a group? Cycling UK: "Two or more people". 

How does this affect an individual, cyclist's the Third Party Liability insurance included within membership will protect a member of the public against the risk of a cycling related incident involving an insured member.
If you have the time the whole thing is on the Cycling UK website.

Audax UK - All events suspended until further notice this is all that's on their website.